Recommended Links

Trading View – If you don’t have a quality paid service for charting and are using a free service, if it’s something other than Trading View, you’re wasting your time.  The charting software and list of usable indicators is extensive, I have hundreds of symbols saved on my watchlist with no end in sight, and each symbol you look up will automatically gather news events relating to that company or currency pair.  The community is huge, and some of the moderators and most regular posters are fantastic.

Forex Factory – While the forums are great, what I find most important is the news calendar which appears on the main page.  Want to know what news events are coming up that could have effect on certain countries and currencies?  Than look no further.

Charles Nenner

The Foundation for Economic Education

Federal Reserve News and Events

Zero Hedge


Seeking Alpha

John Williams’ Shadow Stats


The Billion Prices Project

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