About The Blog

The Incumbent Market Blog was originally started around 2008 under the title Daily Dow Theory and can still be found by CLICKING HERE.  I began my financial journey by studying the macro-trends and assumptions presented by Charles Dow and later picked up by Robert Rhea, Richard Russell and others.  As my personal and profession experiences and education branched, so did my writing, and a single-focused blog was no longer sufficient. Some of the more general discussions from that original blog have been copied here.

The Incumbent Market Blog is titled as such because I will first be discussing those things which reign king at this time, namely the US Dollar, US equity markets, and commodities.  The US Dollar is today the incumbent currency, and has been since Bretton Woods established its dominance 70 years ago.  The US equities market is the incumbent means of investment for the majority of Americans and the world.  And commodities are the incumbent means of wealth preservation and trade throughout the entire course of recorded human civilization.

My goal is to continue to address the market as a whole under the lens of Dow Theory, allowing the primary, secondary, and tertiary trends to maintain that order of importance.  Each discussion in this blog will approach the Theory as a whole, or speak specifically to one of these trends regarding whatever asset class or news report I am discussing.



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