How Markets Get Manipulated

Recently a co-worker of mine sent me an article discussing how certain events can be forecast by watching subtle, but significant market moves that occur days, weeks, and sometimes only hours and minutes prior to a political or economic event taking place.  It’s not unreasonable to argue these are directed by insider trading information.  CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE IF YOU WANT TO READ IT, IT’S LONG.  In response to this I sent the following to him, including some charts I put together showing moves in silver this past week and the apparent “BEAR RAID” on the precious metals markets.

My Email Response

For those that don’t follow the charts actively, here’s a rundown of recent Bear Raid action taken in the silver market.  This type of event plays itself out time and again in all markets.  I saw the exact same thing occur in the EURCHF (Euro v Swiss Franc) currency pair in December 2015, one month prior to the Franc depegging from the Euro.  Wish I had been more aware of it back then, just thought it was something funky looking.  Since then I’ve begun noticing it pop up all over the place.  Follow the story of silver this week in the charts below.

You can click on the charts to get a full screen view if you’d like



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